Stainless steel drum filters

for koi ponds, garden- and swimming ponds

Because of our high demands on perfection and consistent quality, only one production site
comes into question: Germany.


Only certified specialised companies with qualified personnel are involved in the production.
All Inazuma drum filters are made of stainless steel V4A (1.4571)*. The processing happens using the latest technology, e.g. laser cutting, TIG welding robots and bath pickling. Also, our control elements are thanks to microprocessor technology technically up to date.


Inazuma drum filters are specifically developed for the usage on koi- and swimming ponds. Innovations, like e.g. the automatic rinsing flush and the stripping brush allow an improved filtration result and therefore reduce the need for maintenance work. We also offer customized solutions for industrial applications.


Our goal has been to develop a long-living, long-term reliable and almost maintenance-free pond filter. That’s why Inazuma drum filters originate from practical experience. True to our motto “making good things even better” we renounce frequent model changes. Instead, our present filter systems are continuously improved.


Until now over 1500 installed filter systems and satisfied clients speak for themselves. We urge you to convince yourself on the following pages about the quality of our products. If you have any questions, we will be pleased to assist you by phone.




Do you want more time for yourself, clean water and healthy koi?

Then indulge yourself in the pond technology by Inazuma!




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Individual solutions

for industrial applications

The extra fine screen (50 µ) made out of stainless steel V2A, even the smallest soil particles are removed from the water. No fresh water supply is needed. The high pressure pump is directly build into the drum filter and included with delivery. Special float gauges register the water level inside the drum filter and a microprocessor control system with dry-run protection regulates autocratically the rinsing process. When the pollution of the filter screen increases, the direct drive gear motor and the high pressure pump get driven. The drum begins to rotate and the high pressure pump begins to lead water to the high-pressure nozzles at approx. 5 bar pressure. Dirt like faeces, algae and food remains get directly flushed into the drain and taken out of the water cycle. The drum filters without a bio chamber are an excellent choice for automatic filter systems for fish farms, aquacultures and process water treatment.

All Inazuma drum filters are made in Germany. Most recent production technologies, e.g. laser cutting guarantee the highest degree of quality and durability of your drum filter. All components are industrial grade.

Thanks to our high quality requirements, that Inazuma demands of its own products, not only private owners of garden- and swimming ponds count amongst our clients. An increasing number of companies and public institutions opt for an Inazuma drum filter system. Therefore, our filters are used in zoos, open-air pools and swimming pools, as well as in the textile industry and cellulose processing facilities, like the paper industry, chemical factories, water management and in the beverage and food industry.




... enjoy a long and unclouded pleasure of clear water in your koi pond, swimming pool or garden pond.


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